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The benefits of yoga for surfing

At Magic Surf Morocco, we know that in order to get the most out of the amazing swells in this part of Morocco, our guests need ways to prepare their bodies for surfing, stretching their achy muscles and relax. So when we found out about the huge benefits yoga can have for surfers, we decided to make yoga an integral part of our daily routine.

This will maybe help you into choosing our yoga classes during your surfing holidays.

Why is yoga good for surfing?

Yoga is a way of life that, over time, will help you connect with your inner strength, breathe deeper, and realize the kind of bliss that only riding a wave can provide.

The physical benefits of yoga also complement the flexibility and power needed to have maximum fun and prevent injuries when surfing.

Here is a list of amazing benefits that yoga can add to your surfing experience


Many yoga poses involve balance, which is essential for surfing. The emphasis of yoga is on relaxing your body and mind with breath. So when you are on a surfboard, instead of freezing in position, you stay flexible, more comfortable, and ready for any eventuality.


Yoga is a great way of increasing your flexibility, making the pop-up and manoeuvring much easier to achieve.

Reduce stiffness and soreness

Often, after a surfing day, there is tension in your shoulders, lower back, and arms. Yoga works as both injury prevention and recovery assistance. Yoga not only helps prevent injuries but also helps recovery and muscle relaxation.


Yoga utilizes the full range of muscles in your body, and helps develop strength and resilience. The result; more energy and endurance. Experienced surfers are especially aware of the importance of the abdominal and lower back muscles. Yoga helps working these muscles, making your body stronger and ready for a long day on your board.


Breathing is an essential part of yoga and very important for surfing. Focus on your breathing keeps you aware of your body, increase lung capacity while remaining relaxed.

Mental, emotional and spiritual benefits

Yoga reduces stress. You will react less to the stuff going on around you: your mental focus will improve therefore supporting you to stay present, connected with your surroundings and your body. All this will help you to be the best surfer you can, as well as enjoying every moment in the ocean.

You will find below, six benefits that strengthen the arms and back, avoid nagging pain in the lower back very common among surfers, (and perhaps help you look hotter in a bathing suit too!), and first and foremost are going to make surfing feel a little easier.

You can follow the links to watch the videos and start practising:

Garudasana or eagle pose:

Benefits:  Stretches upper back and shoulders.  Essential before and after long paddling sessions.

Malasana or Garland Pose:

Benefits:  Opens up the hip flexors and strengthens the back.  Great to prevent hip cramping when sitting with spread legs for a while.  Also, try this with Eagle arms (above).

Chaturanga Dandasana or Four-Limbed Staff Pose:

Benefits: Core, triceps, core, back, core. Your pop-ups will improve like nobody’s business.

Shalabhasana or Locust Pose:

Benefits:  Strengthens the spinal and gluteal muscles, backs of arms and legs; Stretches shoulders and chest.  Non-aggressive back bends help to build the spinal support for all the back-arching surfers do when paddling for waves and looking behind them.

Navasana or Boat Pose:

Benefits:  Strengthens core; Stretches back muscles.  While good for overall strength, this pose will help with deep breathing and focus.

Balasana or Happy Baby Pose (with an added twist):

Benefits:  Releases tight hips and back muscles.  Yes, you will look silly doing this in public.  But half of yoga is to turn your focus inward, so forget about the bros who give you a hard time and breathe.

So stretch out, wax up, and enjoy! (Please don’t take this article as dispensing medical advice…)

We will finish by simply recommending yoga on a daily basis. Yoga can be the key to resolving many issues

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