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Tandem Surfing – Fun begins here

Tandem surfing began when the Hawaiian surfers used to surf for unlimited hours at Wakiki. The beach boys at Wakiki used to take tourists girls out for a ride on their surfboard, and to give them a more pleasurable ride and to showoff they used to pick the girls on their shoulder for a sit.


It all started when two surfing legends belonging from California named Pete Peterson, who is considered to be an excellent tandem surfing winner of 1960 along with Loren Harrison, a canoe paddler and a surfing king travelled in 1932 to Wakiki. The beach boys present at Wakiki taught them tandem surfing and these two champs brought this talent back to California. They used to tandem surf from 1930-1960. Onofre Surfing Club used to held small events of tandem surfing, but a big contest was held in 1954 at Makaha Hawaii. Only the top male competitors used to tandem surf. Some of the famous tandem surfers included Rabbit Kekai, Pete Peterson, George Downing, and Blackout Whaley. In this era average sized girls used to be ok as the tandem lifts were considered very basic. Since 46 years have passed various changes have occurred in tandem surfing which evolve complex balance so athletic girls are usually required to perform such surfing.
As time passed finding a small female for tandem surfing became an advantage by 1960’s. By then a weight rule was established which required the girl to be a smaller amount than one half her male buddies weight. This rule was established because guys were all in different sizes. By 1960 Pete Peterson made tandem surfing even more exciting by bringing in the biggest names. He brought people from Muscle Beach where individuals used to work out and do acrobats. Names like Barrie Boehne and Steve came into the addition of it. Tandem Surfers list started to grow from 6 to more than 25 by 1970. This made the sport quite more exciting to watch and do. In the starting your wife or a beach girl could be your partner but now in competition it is necessary to have a girl who can do professional and difficult tricks including handstands which have now become popular. Usually teams used to do one lift per wave but Barrie and Steve added an edge to the competition which included multiple lifts on one trip.

Tandem Surfing

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