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Agadir – Morocco

Agadir is a city located in central Morocco. It is situated near Atlas Mountains, on the coast of Atlantic Ocean. It has a population of about 700,000 people, and because of its beautiful location it attracts visitors from Europe. Aging back to thousands years, Agadir was a village with small space for fishing. Its famous […]

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6 things to do on a non-surfing day

VISIT ESSAOUIRA Essaouira is a small town and is known to be a cool place for tourists. It has been made a cosmopolitan oasis with high attraction of tourism, Moroccan expats returning and European immigration. A place where you can find kite surfing, beach amusements camel and horse riding, interesting souk amazing restaurants and easy […]

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What I will eat in Africa? Moroccan Сuisine

Wondered what you can discover on your plate while yogasurf season in North Africa? Read on.. Don’t worry, local food is very diversified. Moroccan cuisine is known as one of the most famous cuisines in the world! This is the result of morroco’s long history, full of colonizers and immigrants. The Berbers (desert inhabitants), Arabs […]

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Argan tree with nuts on branches. Concept for the healthy oil made of argan nuts, for health, culinary use, massage oil, and cosmetics.

Argan tree – The tree of life

Surfing is not the only thing Morocco is famous for. Extremely rich in beneficial nutrients, the Argania spiniosa is native to Morocco. It is commonly known as the Argan Tree and can live up to 200 years with little care or cultivation, surviving in poor, arid soils. On over 320,000 square miles in southwestern Morocco, […]

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