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Magic Surf Morocco – Surf Packages

The Magic Surf Morocco team knows better than anyone that the essential ingredients for a successful surf trip are: clean and comfortable accommodation, tasty meals and experienced, friendly and dedicated personnel to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Our qualified surf instructors will teach and supervise you following strict safety guidelines to ensure that your first wave is unforgettable.

There is nothing better than getting that wave … once you are standing on your board … you will be ” hooked”! Nobody will be able to wipe the smile from your face … It’s just Magic !

And for those of you who already know and love surfing, we can take you to the next level, by sharing with you our favorite Surf Spots and our passion for surfing.

Our surf packages are suitable for all levels, for adults, and for children too.

Magic Surf What can you expect to learn from us

Magic Surf For the beginner level

This is what our qualified surf instructors will teach you and what you will be able to learn and achieve within a week with us….

  • Warm up and stretching techniques
  • Position yourself correctly on your surfboard in order to
  • Be able to paddle, you will ear this one a lot in the water!
  • The “pop-up”
  • Standing correctly on your surfboard: the stance, the position of your feet, etc.
  • How to get speed and turn, for some of you
  • Read the water for the best waves, rips and current
  • Rules of safety and surfing

Some beginners may even progress to riding green waves and learning intermediate aspects of surfing in their first week.

Regardless, start getting fit!


Magic Surf For intermediate level

You are now mastering all of the aspects and techniques of the beginner level.
This is what you will be working on with our qualified surf instructors…..

  • Warm up and stretching techniques
  • Paddle out through waves to get to line uP
  • Position yourself correctly in the line up
  • The timing
  • Catch unbroken waves (green waves)
  • Drop in the wave
  • Front and backside turns
  • Ride across a wave