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Surf and Yoga retreat with Adrianna

Why a retreat can change your practice (and maybe your life)

Take it from me; choosing to go on my very first yoga retreat was a life changer.

Not only was the retreat in the beautiful Bali, Indonesia, but also it was also a week away from the distractions of city life and I was able solely focused on holistic practice of yoga amongst a community of like-minded people.

This retreat was a surf yoga retreat, and having tried surfing a few times before, I was both confronted and excited to try something new within an inclusive and supportive community. Being in this environment enabled me to approach the mental and emotional challenges that the physical aspect of surfing and yoga created.

My experience over the course of the week varied from day to day; energy levels peaked and dropped, emotional triggers both positive and negative were activated, and various spiritual questions naturally arose and pondered.

But there was something even more magical.

It was like everything in my life had pointed to this retreat. Every sign, both internal and external were telling me “now was the time.”

And it was exactly what was needed, at the exact moment in my life.

During and after the retreat, something shifted, everything realigned, as the signs kept on coming from all around me – this was something that I needed for “me”. The transformation continued once I touched back down in urban reality, as they always do, but this experience was somewhat of a catalyst for a chain of events that have led me to this present moment.

So perhaps that time is now for you.

Maybe you need to take a moment, a day, a week or two to reset, shift gears and just be with yourself, surrounded by the elements and a community that were destined to be there with you for their very own reason.

Who knows what may happen within the stillness that you create for yourself.

But one thing is for sure, you won’t find out without taking a second to listen to your most inner voice.

Our surf yoga retreat is suitable for all levels, so if you have never surfed before or are just starting on your yoga journey – don’t let that stop you!

The most beautiful thing about our surf yoga retreat is that these movements go perfectly together. I have personally experienced the synchronicity and was able to consistently catch waves throughout my retreat. And once you catch your first wave, you instantly become addicted!

I am looking forward to seeing you in Morocco, and as part of the Magic Surf Morocco Team, cannot wait to share my enthusiasm and passion with you

Your yoga facilitator,


And the Magic Surf Morocco Team

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