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getting in the water to go surfing


– What Are You Game For ? –   Are you a bodyboarder or surfer ? If your home break is a spot shared by surfers and bodyboarders alike, you’ve probably heard side comments about the unspoken rivalry. Nobody knows who declared this psychological war between wave riders and their differing weapons of choice, but […]

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Tandem Surfing – Fun begins here

Tandem surfing began when the Hawaiian surfers used to surf for unlimited hours at Wakiki. The beach boys at Wakiki used to take tourists girls out for a ride on their surfboard, and to give them a more pleasurable ride and to showoff they used to pick the girls on their shoulder for a sit. […]

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Tales of Surfing

Okay, so surfing is your favorite sport and you don’t know much about its history. Surely, no one would like to “uh-oh” when asked about more information of their favorite sport! We understand a lot of people cringe at the thought of reading about anything’s “history” but you are now reading the most interesting information […]

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