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What I will eat in Africa? Moroccan Сuisine

Wondered what you can discover on your plate while yogasurf season in North Africa? Read on..

Don’t worry, local food is very diversified. Moroccan cuisine is known as one of the most famous cuisines in the world! This is the result of morroco’s long history, full of colonizers and immigrants. The Berbers (desert inhabitants), Arabs and French people didn’t neighbors in peace always. Even so, their tastes united perfectly in african dishes.

This article will show you short and useful information you need to know. Everything about the cuisine and best dishes! So you don’t have to think about the food while you have surf morroco holiday.

As in any case, let’s start with the base

More expensive than gold, necessary in every kitchen – what is it?Morocco is famous by the hundred sorts of spices.

You can find the medley of dried ginger, cumin, black pepper and a lot of such things in day-to-day african menu. For example, cumin is very popular here and served on the table along with usual to Europeans pepper and salt.

To spice up food like tomato-based or vegetable dishes paprica and special Sahara chilies are used.

More expected to Greece, olive oil surprisingly founded in Moroccan food. The country has a rich land for olive and produse the oil of high quality. Most of product is exported and stay too expensive for ordinary resident. In spite of this, morrocan foods are best cooked with olive oil and local chefs are masters in it.

Also, Morocco is famous for producing Argan oil. Such oil is reach of nutritional benefits for whole human body. Olive oil and spices are the popular inexpensive souvenirs from morocco yoga and surf retreats.

The South of Morocco is a source of pure Saffron pistils used in food, tea and as an herbal medicine.

Nuts are loved here from the past, when it was cheap and nutritious. Almonds and walnuts are most used, to pastille or to soups.

Finishing our complation bread and eggs. You will see this «best friends» on every table in Morocco!

Okay, go ahead, what we can cook with this base?


Top 5 Morrocan dishes

Try this and never mind about your diet plans. Yoga and surf in our camp support you in best condition better than any diets. To your luck the best morroco surf resorts are located in the villages. There local food is most authentic, cheap and tasty.


This was at first a Berber dish. You will find tagine bubbling away at every roadside to top notch restaurants. It’s a stew cooked with meats and vegetables. The same word is also the name of a ceramic vessel with a conical shaped top, where all tagine products are cooking. Unique taste is gived by adding olives, dried fruit or preserved lemon. The main secret to successful dish is a special blend of spices.

Nowadays, everything can be putted in tagin. There are a lot of types; chicken, fish, vegetables, lamb and some even make it with meat and fruits. So it doesn’t matter if you are a vegetarian or not, in morocco surf villa you can eat tagine with your choice of ingredients.

Moroccan Tajine


This is also traditional Berber soup and it’s the most important soup in Morocco. Whole country eat it at least once in the year to break fast during the holy month of Ramadan (the main holiday). Harira is rich with tomato, lentils, onions, chickpeas and spices.



Known as “Seksu” in Morocco, this dish is a fine wheat pasta rolled by hand. Even in our time women in some parts of the country still make it manually. It is steamed over a stew of meat and vegetables. Couscous is a face of the friday here. Mostly important day of the week for Muslims, it ‘s celebrating with a couscous.



Kefta are mouth-watering meatballs. Beef or lamb mince with garlic, parsley and ground coriander is rolled into balls. Then it cooked in a tomato sauce with eggs. Eggs are cracked in the sauce, before the dish is ready, and cooked it to perfection.


PASTILLA or B’stilla

The Moors brought their favourite pie to Morocco years ago. Layers of very thin, crispy pastry crust stuffed with chicken, raisins, almond and eggs. It spiced with cinnamon, then dusted with a thin layer of powdered sugar and cinnamon. This sweet dish is a rear food, because such pie takes a lot of time to prepare. So it appears in households only in wedding seasons or some special occasion.

Surely, you сan try it in Agadir cafes, the city near the most famous morocco surf spots.


As you can see, you will not stay hungry in North Africa. There is no need to look for special stellar chefs. In Morocco all inclusive surf camp masters cook for you every local dishes. And you definitely will ask for supplements.




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