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Agadir – Morocco

Agadir is a city located in central Morocco. It is situated near Atlas Mountains, on the coast of Atlantic Ocean. It has a population of about 700,000 people, and because of its beautiful location it attracts visitors from Europe. Aging back to thousands years, Agadir was a village with small space for fishing. Its famous dish is considered as the seafood.

Why is it so attractive?

During 16th century German and Portuguese settlers started to arrive in Agadir and have their influence. France established a state over Morocco. However, Morocco came into power in 1956 from France. The city peoples are very warm welcoming the tourists. The main tourist attraction is the amazing and attractive fishing industry. A small village called Anza has a fish processing industry that is situated towards the north of the city. The entire city itself plays a tourist role, popular especially amongst Europeans. Agadir has VIP Golf courses, mind-blowing beaches, beauty spas and other amazing facilities that answer European’s traveler demand. Surf shops, surf camps and surf schools are in abundancy, best season to ride the waves is from November till March, but as a starter you can surf the whole year.



Fifteen seconds Earthquake in 1960

However the most traumatized event occurred in Agadir History was the earthquake on the 29th of February 1960 which left 12000 people dead and 12000 people injured, the city had been totally devastated and had to be reconstructed. One third of the population was left to sleep by the 15 second earthquake. All buildings were badly damaged or destroyed. Within seconds, the whole city was set to rubble with people being buried deep under them. Rescue efforts were made and the city had to be rebuilt some few miles away from south to that of original city.

The newly established Agadir is temptingly different than any Moroccan city. It is a modern city now, which has nightclubs, pubs and lavish hotels, cafes adding it much more to tourist attractions.



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