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6 Reasons Why Yoga & Surf Retreats Make The Ultimate Combination

There are few combinations that go as well together as yoga and surfing do. Whether it’s a yoga surf camp or retreat, you’re in for an incredible experience of renewal and aliveness.

You don’t even need to be an experienced surfer or yogi to take part. You simply need a willingness to try something new, and to take that little step out of the comfort zone.

If you’ve dabbled with surfing or yoga, going on a retreat can be the boost in your skills and practice that you need to take the next step.

Even for advanced surfers, integrating yoga into your life can bring a deep ease and grace to your surfing.

Bringing balance.

6 reasons for ya:

1 – Developing Courage

Picture this.

You’re floating out on the water, and a huge wave starts to gather. Slowly it rises and rises and you have only two choice: duck under or make that leap.

What do you do?

Facing that decision over and over again build a wonderful courage, whether it’s your first wave or your 2,345th. You always come to that “oh crap” moment, where you feel inside the gravity of what you’re about to dive into.

This courage then helps you in so many other parts of life: job interviews, dating & relationships, and trying new things. When you’ve facing the astounding power of mother nature and learned to ride it, what’s to be worried about with a guy in a suit interviewing you?

2 – Discovering Balance

Both yoga and surfing require a delicate balance of power and grace. Of letting things flow, while staying upright.

As you experience this balance in an active way with surfing, and a more still way with yoga, you’ll be discovering your ability to remain in equilibrium in all situations.

Both practices force you to be aware, and listen to your body. More healthy eating, and other habits are a natural consequence.

3 – Love

If you have a surf session that doesn’t go so well, what happens inside your head? Is there frustration? Negativity?

Combining yoga with surfing can dramatically shift your relationship with your mind and your own self. It can bring a deep sense of love and care toward your own being.

4 – Patience

When surfing you need extraordinary patience. Your intention might be to catch a perfect barrel, but in reality you may wait for hours on your board without getting it.

In yoga you may not be as flexible as you like, but as you go deeper and deeper into the pose, you’ll discover the value of patience. Of allowing the body to open up naturally.

Allowing the ocean to offer whatever waves it decides on that day.

5 – Surrender

Nothing can teach you a more full surrender then getting rag-dolled by a force 200,000 times greater than you. It is always a humbling experience. One that all humans should have. Why?

Because it reminds you how small you really are. It reminds you of the futility of fighting against life. It teaches the value of tuning into life, and learning to rides the waves it provides.

The same effect comes in yoga, though less dramatic. You can’t force yourself into a yoga posture. You can’t force yourself into meditation.

In the end, we must surrender and allow the ocean of life to present its waves to us. Our job?

Be in tune and let the ocean carry us.

6 – Finding Fluidity

Life is constantly moving. Like a river it flows and changes, always shifting and transforming.

Dams that are placed against rivers inevitably break. Rocks are slowly worn down. Finding the fluidity in life will lead to a life of ease and grace. Fighting against the flow of life is simply futile. You can’t win. But you can suffer.

When doing both yoga and surfing, you’ll find there is a natural flow to discover. On the ocean it’s the flow of the waves. The movement of the water. You’re forced to be directly in tune with mother nature and her awesome power.

In yoga you’re forced to be aware of the fluidity of body and mind. Without distractions and entertainment, you are only there with yourself. With your own body. And you’ll feel the kinks, dams, and rocks in your river. You’ll feel them acutely.

And you’ll feel what it’s like when they are smoothed out.

Experiencing this contrast is so important in life, because so many people move through life thinking the way their body and mind functions is normal, when in fact it’s totally out of balance.

But once you feel what it’s like to be totally balanced and vibrant, this memory sticks in the body.

And when you come out of that balance, now you’ll know. Now you’ll have your own compass.

Your own guiding light.

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